Liberty Forum 2018 is proud to present a free public showing of The Heroin Effect​, an award-winning documentary on the opioid crisis, featuring a discussion with Director Michael Venn, who received the 2017 NH Filmmaker of the Year Award. Please consider bringing a warm coat to donate.

WHEN: Saturday, February 10, at 9:15pm
The Radisson Downtown Manchester, Pemigewasset Room
Free, please consider bringing a warm coat to donate.
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About The Heroin Effect: This film is an honest yet surprisingly hopeful look at what addiction really looks like, who is working on the grassroots level to fight it, and how we can help with recovery efforts in our own communities. Using a small New Hampshire community as a stand-in for the many suburban communities devastated by the opioid crisis, The Heroin Effect follows people and families affected by addiction, shows what successful recovery can look like, and advocates for a health care system that recognizes addiction as a treatable disease. The film features intimate personal discussion with individuals afflicted with addiction, including one man’s diary-style video footage documenting his own daily drug use. By presenting these perspectives as well as those of individuals touched and affected by the crisis, the film helps us better understand the humanity of the afflicted and the challenges we face in finding a solution. This is no longer a race issue. In actuality, it never really was. Drug addiction does not discriminate. Learn more about the film here.

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