Louis Marinelli

Louis J. Marinelli is the president of the California Independence Movement known around the world as Calexit and a candidate for governor in the 2022 California primary running on the platform of California independence through National Divorce. A registered Republican based in Fresno, Marinelli is a civil libertarian who believes government must protect civil liberties just as much as it protects civil rights, that the American electoral system fails to protect political minorities by denying third parties representation in state legislatures, in Congress, and in the Electoral College, and that the country is divided upon such deep cultural and philosophical differences that compromise can no longer be made without each side compromising its core values – something Marinelli says neither side should have to do just to maintain tranquility in society. As president of the California Independence Movement, Marinelli has worked to advance the cause of independence on three levels: at the state level, convincing the people of California that independence is the best route for California going forward; one the national level, convincing the American people that allowing California to peacefully separate from the United States is in the interests of the nation as a whole; and on the international level, bringing awareness to California independence and making the case why the international community ought to recognize the results of a future California independence plebiscite. / Marinelli also spent a consider amount of time living and working abroad as a teacher and a translator in the developing world. He says his time overseas was an invaluable experience which he credits with giving him a broader understanding of our country, its role in the world, and how its actions affect other countries. Marinelli believes he can apply this knowledge learned while living abroad to solve some of America’s problems here at home and making the world a better place. Marinelli met his wife Diana while living abroad and together they welcomed a daughter, Polina, into the world in February 2021.