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The Heroin Effect at Liberty Forum 2018

Liberty Forum 2018 is proud to present a free public showing of The Heroin Effect​, an award-winning documentary on the opioid crisis, featuring a discussion with Director Michael Venn, who received the 2017 NH Filmmaker of the Year Award. Please consider bringing a warm coat to donate.

WHEN: Saturday, February 10, at 9:15pm
The Radisson Downtown Manchester, Pemigewasset Room
Free, please consider bringing a warm coat to donate.
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About The Heroin Effect: This film is an honest yet surprisingly hopeful look at what addiction really looks like, who is working on the grassroots level to fight it, and how we can help with recovery efforts in our own communities. Using a small New Hampshire community as a stand-in for the many suburban communities devastated by the opioid crisis, The Heroin Effect follows people and families affected by addiction, shows what successful recovery can look like, and advocates for a health care system that recognizes addiction as a treatable disease. The film features intimate personal discussion with individuals afflicted with addiction, including one man’s diary-style video footage documenting his own daily drug use. By presenting these perspectives as well as those of individuals touched and affected by the crisis, the film helps us better understand the humanity of the afflicted and the challenges we face in finding a solution. This is no longer a race issue. In actuality, it never really was. Drug addiction does not discriminate. Learn more about the film here.

About Liberty Forum: Liberty Forum is an annual conference hosted by the Free State Project in Manchester, New Hampshire. The event draws pro-liberty thinkers and activists from around the globe while showcasing New Hampshire’s growing, thriving libertarian community. At Liberty Forum you will experience the world’s largest libertarian migration movement firsthand. You’ll meet leaders of the movement, from its founder to its current executive director, and talk with them about the movement’s history and future. You’ll also get to know the state’s leaders who are working to expand liberties and to keep liberty at the forefront of the public consciousness. Learn more and register here!

Liberty Forum 2018 Has an Exciting New Format

With Liberty Forum just under a month away, we are finalizing all the details and super excited to host everyone in the warm embrace of a Free State February.

This year’s Liberty Forum will have a new format: Friday and Saturday will both begin with breakfast for those who have opted for meals, followed by whole-conference micro-keynotes in the morning and then breakout panels and presentations after lunch. Each day will finish with offsite sponsor dinners after the conference proper wraps up around 6:00 PM.

We’ve also planned special programming on Thursday, including an afternoon debate on the consequences of the welfare state (free to every Liberty Forum attendee!) and a dinner keynote by Jack Spirko and entertainment by Lou Perez (available as a $79 add-on).

We’ll be publishing the full schedule soon, so keep an eye out!

Jack Spirko Joins Liberty Forum

Jack SpiroJack Spirko, host of The Survival Podcast, will be the first keynote speaker at Liberty Forum, New Hampshire’s premiere liberty conference. Liberty Forum offers three days full of opportunities for speakers and attendees to interact. Cutting-edge topic tracks will include cryptocurrency, education, podcasts, and more. The conference will be held February 8-10, 2018, at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester. Early bird tickets are available now!

The Survival Podcast focuses on modern survival concepts and philosophy and has 150,000 daily listeners. While the show covers a wide range of topics, from gardening and keeping small livestock to home energy production, promoting individual liberty is Spirko’s greatest passion. He enjoys teaching critical thinking skills and what he calls “proactive apathy,” which is tuning out the issues that you can’t change while doing things to change what you can, starting in your own back yard. Through this approach, Spirko is promoting what he calls “the quiet insurrection.” He says, “Revolutions transfer power from one group of rulers to another; insurrection transfers power from the rulers to the insurrectionists.”

Spirko will speak on Thursday evening, February 8. Admission to the Thursday night dinner is included in the all-inclusive ticket and can be purchased as an add-on to a general admission ticket.

Announcing Liberty Forum 2018

Liberty Forum LogoPlanning for Liberty Forum 2018 is in full swing! Thanks to attendee feedback, this year’s event will reflect more of a conference style, with tracks that include cryptocurrency, podcasts, education, and other forms of liberty activism. We plan to create an inclusive atmosphere where speakers and attendees can interact more than ever before. Most speakers will spend the entire weekend here in New Hampshire, and some are even hosting evening events off-site. It’s sure to be an awesome way to get to know each other. We hope you’ll be joining us on February 8-10 at the Radisson in Manchester, NH. Discounted early bird tickets are available now!

The GibsonsOur volunteer producers for 2018 are Melanie and Richard Gibson. Ten years ago, they visited New Hampshire for the first time to attend the 2007 Liberty Forum. While driving around, experiencing the winter, they decided that New Hampshire was the right place for their family. So in 2011, they sold their house and made the move. After settling into small town life with their two children, they volunteered to coordinate the kids program at PorcFest 2014. They created an amazing program for the largest turnout of children PorcFest had ever hosted. Then, just this July, they were part of the volunteer team that coordinated the NHLA Liberty Dinner.

This powerhouse couple is now working on creating a Liberty Forum schedule full of activists from around the world. Their goal is to help attendees enjoy New Hampshire’s beautiful winter scenery, facilitate connections with as many wonderful friends as possible, and inspire the spark of liberty activism that encourages attendees to make the move to the Free State. Watch for more information about our speakers and sponsors coming soon!

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